His Research Has Legs


Frank Grasso is no sucker but he knows a lot about them—specifically those belonging to the most mysterious of marine creatures, the octopus. The associate professor from the Department of Psychology was recently featured by the media outlet Science Friday for their Cephalopod Week.

It may not yet rival The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, but the seven days that SciFri has set aside in early June to celebrate the group of marine animals (that includes the octopus and the squid) is generating a fair amount of buzz for Brooklyn College’s ceph experts. Last year, Jennifer Basil, a professor from the Department of Biology, was a featured expert for her research on the nautilus, another cephalopod.

“The college is really making a name for itself as the go-to experts on cephalopods,” says Grasso, who teamed with SciFri to produce this neat video, “I, Octopus,” in which he explains some of their behavior.


Science Friday dubs itself “the source for entertaining and educational stories about science, technology, and other cool stuff.” In addition to its Internet and social media presence, its stories are broadcast on nearly 400 public radio stations nationwide.