Brooklyn Life: Hear Who We Are

Stories are all around us. Walk down any street, linger in any one spot, and simply listen to the voices around you. Even in the most mundane of everyday detail, what you will hear is a telling of a person’s life.

As part of Brooklyn College’s Listening Project, students are fanning out across the borough to record the experiences of everyday people. The project, set up in 2015 as a joint endeavor between students and faculty in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts, has completed more than 400 interviews that will be archived at the library and eventually made available to the public online.

This spring, Lamont Baldwin, a graduate student in the Department of Television and Radio, interviewed George Switzer. The owner of Queen Anne Ravioli, one of the last homemade pasta stores in Brooklyn, speaks about the history of the store and the evolution of his Bensonhurst neighborhood. Listen to a snip of it now.